Best cheap adapter: How to disassemble the laptop power adapter

Three development status of notebook power adapter

Notebook computer from the birth, has been more than 30 years, as an important tool to promote human development, now notebook has become an indispensable role around us, and with so many years of continuous development, regardless of function, performance, safety, stability, etc. However, it can also be found that the hardware laptop adapter is not much improved.

No uniform standard

Notebook power Adapter The most difficult problem is the lack of a unified standard, a variety of power adapter savage growth, so we see the notebook power is a variety of different, difficult to classify.

Category by Brand:

  • Acer
  • ASUS
  • DELL
  • HP

Classified by use for AC and DC.

Differentiated by output voltage current

12V , 15V , 16V , 18.5V , 19V , 19.5V , 20V , 24V , etc.

It’s just a voltage, and the same series of currents can be quite different.
Even if the voltage and current are the same, the probability of their interface size is also very small, single from the shape of the interface, long, flat, square, round, however, the circle is also divided into large circle and small round …

The appearance of most of the traditional shapes

Traditional notebook Power One is the volume of large inconvenience to carry, two is the weight problem.However, a part of the power supply manufacturers have started to small-volume laptop power adapter development.

Wire “Disaster”

Many people have experienced the mouse line, keyboard lines, power lines, and then the sound of a variety of mixed feelings.The mouse, the keyboard has realized the wireless connection method, then the notebook power adapter can realize the wireless charging?

Dell has unveiled a wireless-charging laptop that looks similar to the current design of wireless charging for mobile phones. But at present, the personal feel that only the office can be achieved in a short time, but if travel and other things will be very inconvenient, because this wireless charging is very large, not easy to carry.

How to disassemble the laptop power adapter

The power adapter is a common electrical appliance, but sometimes the power adapter also has some trouble, and the cost of switching to a power adapter is more expensive, so some people will disassemble the power adapter to repair.

1.The upper and lower cover of the laptop power adapter is injection molded or bonded with a strong adhesive, without any screws, so the general can only be cracked with violence. However, as long as the method is appropriate, the disassembled power adapter can be completely restored to the original, without careful observation, there is almost no visible traces of the disassembly.

2.Place the power adapter laterally on a white paper, and use an electrician’s knife blade to cut through the gap between the upper and lower cover of the power adapter, and then use the hammer to strike the electrician’s knife back (Figure 1) so that the electrician’s knife is cut in between the upper and lower cover of the adapter. In the different positions of the gap between the adapter upper and lower cover, with the electrician knife tip along the gap, when the upper and lower cover of a part of the first split, the tip depth, and then slowly separate the upper and lower cover of the adapter.

3.Open the power adapter of the outer casing, you can see the copper shield on the outside of the adapter circuit, cut the tape on the shield with a utility knife, and then solder the two solder joints connecting the shield to the internal circuit board with a soldering iron. (See the figure below) to remove the shield.

4.There is a thick layer of hard plastic film between the shielding layer and the circuit board (as shown in Figure 4). After cutting it with a utility knife, you can see the true face of the circuit board.

Power adapter construction:

  1.  A varistor whose function is that when the external voltage is too high, the resistance of the varistor becomes very small quickly, and the fuse in series with the varistor is blown, thereby protecting other circuits from being burned out.
  2.  The fuse is 2.5A/250V. When the current in the circuit is too large, the fuse will blow to protect other components.
  3.  Inductor coil, the main function is to reduce electromagnetic interference.
  4. The rectifier bridge, the specification is D3SB, is used to convert 220V AC into DC power.
  5. Filter capacitor, the specification is 180μF/400V, which is used to filter the AC ripple in DC to make the circuit work more reliable.
  6. An important part of integrated circuits, protection circuits, and voltage regulation.
  7. The temperature probe is used to detect the internal temperature of the power adapter. When the temperature is higher than a certain set value (the power adapter of different brands has a slightly different temperature threshold), the protection circuit will cut off the voltage output of the adapter. This protects the adapter from damage.
  8. The high-power switch tube is one of the core components in the switching power supply. The switching power supply can work “open and close”, and the switch tube is indispensable.
  9. Switching transformer, one of the core components in a switching power supply.
  10. Secondary rectifier, the function is to convert low-voltage alternating current into low-voltage DC. In IBM’s power adapter, the rectifier is often operated in parallel by two high-power to obtain a larger current output.
  11. The secondary filter capacitance, the size of 820μf/25v, a total of two, filter out the low-voltage direct current in the role of Ripple.

The best replacement USB-C laptop charger

If you need a new charger for your USB-C–powered MacBook or PC laptop, the safest bet is to get the same model that shipped with it.But if the stock charger is difficult to find or expensive, or if you want additional charging ports, please look below:

 Insignia Type-C Wall Charger:Best for 15-inch MacBook Pro.Offers all the features of the Apple 87W charger, but at half the price.
 Anker PowerPort Speed PD 60:This is a direct replacement for the charger that came with your USB-C–charging Mac or PC. A smaller charger with just one port,You have to provide your own USB-C cable.
Nekteck 4-port 72W USB Wall Charger:The Nekteck charger is one of the least expensive replacement chargers available, 60W,eliable, and relatively small, and has extra USB-charging ports.
Apple’s 61W USB-C Power Adapter:It doesn’t come with a USB-C charging cable, and you need to buy Apple’s Power Adapter Extension Cable if you need a longer cord.

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